Each dog is different, and they have their own personalities. But if there is one word that we can use to describe our puppies, that word would be “excited.” Young doggos being overly excited can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they are full of energy, and that means they are always ready to play with us.

On the other, they can be too excited for their own good. They run around without any regard for their own safety, and sometimes they do end up banging their furry little heads on a piece of furniture. Of course, we don’t want this to happen to our little puppies, but sometimes they are too young to be trained.

Well, it turns out that the mother dog can step in on our behalf. Just like a human mom, mother dogs can be strict when it comes to discipline their kids, and this viral video below definitely proves that. Human and dog mothers will, of course, do their best to nurse and protect their young ones, but sometimes they have to be strict.

If they don’t do this, then their kids will never learn how to behave properly. The video starts off with a cute litter of puppies who are overly excited to see their mom. The mom is on the other side of a small gate, and the furry babies can see her. When the mother dog stepped in, the puppies just went crazy!

They were all trying to get to their mom’s teat to get some milk. Although this would seem like normal behavior, the mother dog was having none of it. She wanted her babies to be well behaved during feeding time, so she started to scold them. She barked and snarled at her babies, who instantly got the message.

What’s impressive about this video is that it looked like a human mother scolding her babies who are being unruly. It’s so cute how the puppies immediately changed their behavior. They were going nuts one minute, and they were flat on their bellies on the next. Share this story with your friends!

Credits: Sent from Heaven


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