The magic of the holiday season is something everyone should feel and experience, even shelter animals. So to help cheer up the dogs at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter – with the attempt to have some of them get adopted – TBS performed a special magic trick for their furry friends.

To help these adoptable animals find a loving family, TBS filmed a short video of the magic trick done to each dog along with their epic reactions.

John Stressel was the Christmas Magician for this magic trick. He holds a treat in both hands and calls each dog one by one to approach him.

First, he makes sure the dog knows he is holding a treat by letting him see and smell it. Then he carefully makes a small movement with his hands. Then suddenly, the treat disappears in front of the dog’s eyes!

Each pup has a different reaction to the vanishing treat. One of the pups started lying on the floor, dancing. Some of them kept on looking for the treat in Stressel’s hands and jacket. Some kept wagging their tails while jumping as if they were congratulating him for a job well done!

One even tries to snatch Stressel’s festive Santa hat. It really is a funny and heartwarming video seeing the dogs’ hilarious reactions. You can also hear some people behind the camera laughing in delight.

Showing dogs a magic trick is the perfect way to get a sneak peek into what their true personalities are like. Their reactions range from adorable to funny- but seriously, all of them are adorable and funny. There are a lot of emotions dogs are capable of expressing, and this disappearing treat trick shows off each dog’s true colors.

I bet anyone who watches this video will have a smile on their face until the end.

Source: TBS via Youtube


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