dog breeds

dog breeds

Are you considering whether to become a dog owner? If so, you’ve got a lot of company!

There are more than seventy-seven million dogs in the United States alone! Dogs have been called “Man’s Best Friend” for decades and it’s easy to understand why men and women across the country love these furry animals.

While dogs are generally known for being fun-loving domesticated animals, a dog’s breed gives you a better idea of what to expect from your pet.

Read on to learn about different dog breeds to help you find the best one for you!

Small Dog Breeds

A small dog can be a great addition to your home because of its compact size and good-natured spirit. Small dogs are generally those that stand less than 16 inches tall and weigh no more than 22 pounds. Here are some of the best small dogs in the country:


The dachshund is one of the most popular brands because of its unique shape and small size. Often called a “hot dog” because of its long torso and short legs, Dachshunds are a German brand with a lot of love to give.

Although well-known for being hunting dogs, today these German canines are fun dogs that make great house pets. Depending on their bloodline, a dachshund might be a little more territorial in nature, which makes them a good watchdog despite their small stature.


A cockapoo is a designer dog that is half poodle and a half cocker spaniel. These fun-loving dogs offer the best of both breeds and make great pets for couples and families alike.

Poodles are known for being very smart and active, while cocker spaniels are popular for their love and affection.

Besides being pets that like to have fun, cockapoos are also hyper-allergenic. This means that they shed less often and their fur won’t irritate the allergies of other people in your home.

Big Dog Breeds

Dogs are often considered to be “big” when they weigh more than 55 pounds. Whether you are single, married, or have a family, big dogs can make loving companions and great protectors. Here are some of the best big dog breeds:

German Shepard

A German Shepard is one of America’s most popular breeds and for good reason.

These long-haired dogs are easy to train and are also great watchdogs for a home or office. German Despite their watchful tendency, these dogs also know how to unwind and have some fun.

They love to be outdoors and to exercise, which also makes them a great dog for people that live an active lifestyle.


Boxers are a German breed best known for their short-hair and long legs!

These dogs are loyal companions with a friendly temperament that like to have fun. Since the females range in size from 55 to 64 pounds and males weigh-in from 60 to 71 pounds, it’s best to have space in your home or yard for these dogs to run.

Despite their large size, these dogs are very affectionate and have the fearless kind of personality that makes them great pets and protectors.

Family-Friendly Breeds

If you’re someone that’s got a family with kids of different ages, you’ll want to find a family-friendly dog to bring into your home. Here are some of the best family-friendly dog breeds:

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have a history as hunting dogs but that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the best additions to a human family.

These dogs range in size from 55 to 75 pounds and are loving, loyal pets to their owners. Although they are “Golden” Retrievers, their coats come in other colors, including cream and light golden.

Golden’s are great companions for toddlers and adults alike because of their calm temperament and kind nature.


A beagle is among the most family-friendly dog breeds because of their size and good nature.

These short-haired dogs weigh only 20 to 24 pounds, depending on their gender, but have the best characteristics of small and big breeds. Beagles are known for hunting rabbits but as domestic pets, they enjoy running around yards and homes from time to time. They also have an even temperament, which makes them calm dogs to have around small children.

Hunting Breeds

Dogs aren’t just great companions, they are also helpful to game hunters of all ages. Here are some of the best hunting dogs for you to consider:

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are strong and athletic dogs that enjoy sprinting to assist their owners during game hunts.

Labs pack tons of energy and their coat is great for cold and warm weather, which makes them perfect for hunting all year long. Perhaps the best game to hunt with labs are ducks because of the breed’s affinity for being in the water.


Pointers are the kind of dog that’s a wonderful hunting companion in warm-weather climates.

This breed has a short-haired coat and has an athletic build that makes them great for running down birds and other game to bag on your next trip. Pointers are also good listeners which helps them follow directions and make the most of your day out in the woods with your pet.

The Best Dog Breeds for You

The best dog breeds for you depend on what you value most in your pet and your kind of lifestyle.

Dogs are so popular because of their loyal and affectionate nature but some breeds adapt better to certain conditions over others. Before you begin looking for the perfect dog for you, consider where you are now in life and what you foresee in the future.

This will help you narrow down the kind of breeds that best suit your way of life. It will also allow you to find the best match for you and your family.

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