When couple Sanjana and Aditya found out they were pregnant, people started telling them to get rid of their five dogs so they can focus their attention on their bundle of joy. But they posed for a maternity shoot with their dogs instead, to show people that dogs are family, too.

The dogs will stay

Sanjana Madappa and her husband, Aditya Raheja, were excited to learn that they were about to have a baby. Their family is growing. In addition to their five adorable furry kids, a tiny human joining their family is the best gift ever.

Most people are happy for the couple, but Sanjana and Aditya were often told to ditch their dogs in favor of their upcoming baby. Sanjana is an animal rights advocate and works for a local animal rescue in Bengaluru. She has seen so many families giving up their dogs when they learn they were pregnant, and it was heartbreaking for her.

A unique, heart-melting maternity photoshoot

So, when it was her turn to conceive, she heard the same thing. Thankfully, her supportive husband stood by her and thought that a creative photoshoot might get the message across.

And it did. The couple posed for a heartwarming maternity photoshoot starring their beloved furry best friends. And the dogs were game to pose with their paw-rents too, showing their gentlest, most caring side, especially to their pregnant mom.

Sanjana has every reason to keep her dogs. She has a high-risk pregnancy, and she had to be confined at home to prevent premature labor. Her dogs had been with her when things got too tough. The dogs gave her peace and comfort. They cheered her up. Letting these adorable, caring dogs go never crossed her mind.

Soon enough, the couple welcomed their bouncing baby boy, and the dogs are now all doting guardians and siblings. The dogs helped them get through their worst moments, and they’re staying to be with them during their best.

Thanks to Shravan Krishnan


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