Everywhere you go, there is a likelihood that you will see a dog on the streets, even while you’re on vacation.

Lucy Clydesdale of Stockton-on-Tees, England, ended up adopting a dog from one of her travels.

Lucy works as a beautician. She saves money for her vacation with her friends.

During her holiday in Turkey with her friends, there’s a dog who continually follows her wherever she goes. This dog never left Lucy’s sight. This dog is different among all the dogs that Lucy met during her vacation.

The dog would follow them at the restaurants and would wait outside until Lucy and her friends finish their meal. The dog would even sit by the pool while Lucy is swimming with her friends. The dog also followed Lucy to her hotel room.

The dog never left Lucy for the duration of her holiday. When Lucy realized that the dog followed her to her hotel room, she knew that the dog fell in love with her. Lucy also felt the same way towards the dog.

Lucy felt a secure connection with the dog. She named the dog Jessie.

The hotel staff also noticed the dog’s unusual behavior towards Lucy. They told her that they never saw a dog having a secure connection with a tourist. Because of this, Lucy felt that she has to bring Jessie home with her in the United Kingdom.

One hotel guest told Lucy about adopting Jessie. They suggested to Lucy to approach Gumbet Stray Animals to work on Jessie’s adoption and repatriation.

The administrator of Gumbet Stray Animals went to the hotel and met Lucy to discuss the adoption process.

Lucy cannot bring Jessie home with her immediately. The dog has to stay at a foster home for a few months before he can be flown to the United Kingdom.

Jessie’s foster parents are excited about Jessie’s upcoming trip. They always send updates and photos about Jessie to Lucy.

Indeed, Lucy’s holiday in Turkey is a memorable one because she gained a new friend there!

Photos courtesy of LucyClydesdale via Twitter


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