24-year-old Hayden Howard has a small son and a baby daughter. They all live in Seymour, Indiana with their beloved dog, an English Mastiff named Jackson. And he isn’t just a pet to them, he is more like family.

Bug bites

One day, after spending quite a while in their backyard garden, Hayden noticed that Jackson had numerous small marks on his torso. And although it seemed odd at first, the dog didn’t seem in pain, so she assumed that it was bug bites.

She, however, couldn’t stop thinking about what they were. And when the dog came into the house at night time, she once again checked his body. Upon closer look, she was shocked to discover that her dog was riddled with holes.

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The very next day, Hayden took Jackson to the vet. The doctor confirmed her worst fears, they weren’t bug bites at all. They were wounds caused by someone’s cruel act.

BB pellets

The vet shaved patches of fur all over the dog’s body. He wanted to expose the affected areas to discover what exactly caused them. While some of the wounds were shallow, some were deeper and contained BB pellets.

Hayden had to wait outside the emergency room while the vet and his staff painstakingly searched Jackson’s body to remove any pellets that are possibly lodged in his skin. They removed almost 30 pellets from the dog’s body, but it was estimated that he got hit more than 60 times. Some of the pellets bounced off but still left a painful mark.

Bad neighbor

Hayden reported the incident to the local police department and they were more than happy to investigate. They later concluded where the shots came from and obtained a warrant to search their neighbor’s house. There they found much evidence, including a BB gun, pellets, and even drugs.

The culprit was sent to prison, and their investigation continued.

Thankfully, the dog did not suffer major and lasting injuries, and the man who did him wrong is now behind bars. Jackson is now on his way to full recovery.

Source: videoinspirational via Youtube


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