It may look easy, but ice skating could be an extremely difficult sport for beginners. However, did you know that there’s a dog who could ice skate? The world’s first ice skating dog, named Benny, is a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever owned by ice skater and coach, Cheryl Del Sangro. The smart dog is not only capable of skating on ice, but he could also perform over 50 tricks!

Not so many people may know about this, but Benny, the world’s very first ice skating dog is actually a rescue dog, who was almost euthanized in a kill shelter not so long ago. Thankfully, Benny was rescued just in time and was transported to Las Vegas, Cheryl Del Sangro’s hometown. It was as if fate brought the two together: Del Sangro fell in love with him the very moment she saw the dog’s photo.

Benny and Cheryl are indeed a perfect combination: one is a sports coach, while the other is a high energy dog, whose energy is ideal for canine sports. Before Benny was taught ice skating, he has had training on agility and dock diving.

The first time Benny came to the rink, he wasn’t taught on how to skate. He was only there for a pictorial/shooting, and the ice hockey gear he was holding in the said video was just props. All he had to do then was hold the hockey stick on his mouth, and run around the rink. But Benny’s video became viral – that’s when Del Sangro decided to teach Benny the sport.

Benny was given some customized skates that he could wear on the skating rink. Since then, they practiced regularly, and Benny seems to improve as the days go by. Del Sangro has big dreams for Benny. She hopes that someday Benny will join the NHL Vegas Golden Knights. It may sound absurd at this time, but Benny is doing his very best to reach his dreams.

Source Inside Edition via Youtube


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